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Chile Ski Camp part 2

After a few weeks down in Chillan we moved up to Farallone, just above Santiago to do the races in La Parva and some training in El Colorado.

The resorts sit up 2000m vertical above Santiago, with an amazing view down over the city. The road up to the resorts is not as pleasant as the view with a terrible road surface and incredibly steep hairpin bends!

We got a great day GS training in El Colorado and then started downhill training in La Parva. It’s a fun hill that we have skied many times over the last years so it was good to be back and hitting the top jump. The snow was pretty thin, so we were picking a lot of rocks out the slope, and it made for nervous warm up on new skis!

The downhill races went ok, I skied really well in parts but my jumping was terrible and I made a few other mistakes every run. I finished 8th and 9th in a strong field containing the top racers from Germany, France, Slovenia and Croatia. I know there is plenty of room for improvement if I can cut out some of the mistakes and sort my jumping!

The super-G was disappointing, the conditions were tough and I didn’t ski confidently so was much further behind than I would have hoped. The slalom part of the combined was ok though! It was a very easy slalom and I charged hard and moved up to 7th place from 20th!

The Volcanoes above Chillan ski resort

TJ hitting the ultra modern spin bike in Farallones

Sunrise over Santiago looking down from La Parva. As the smog develops over the day the city disappears!

After a few weeks down in Chillan we moved up to Farallones

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Chile Ski Camp part 1

Click to view full panoramic! Bluebird day at the top of Chillan! No bad!

From the start of the second super-g race in Chillan...guys got a lowered start because it was deemed dangerous, but only after all the girls had ran the course!

The Geysers next to the mid station...doesn't smell great when the wind blows the wrong way! Sulphur...

Early starts! We loaded the bags of downhill skis (4 pairs each day) onto the piste machine with the coaches to head up in the dark before the lifts opened.

We did a day downhill on the very top of the mountain above the lifts. We got taken up every run by ski doo...far scarier than the downhill part! This is TJ in the air off the last jump...I need a zoom camera!

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Ski Scotland

I am thrilled to announce a new partnership with Ski-scotland for the coming season. I will be working with them to help promote the fantastic sport of skiing in Scotland and hopefully encourage more people to get involved across the country.
I learned to ski in Scotland and have had some amazing times across the resorts and would love more people to experience it!
Without the skiing I did in Scotland I would never have made it to the British Ski Team let alone to World Cup!

Beauty of a picture from Nevis Range! Awesome skiing in Scotland!

Filming with Ski Scotland at Snow Factor in Glasgow

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