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Dougie Crawford is Britain’s top male downhill ski racer.

Dougie is current British Champion in Downhill, Super-G, Super-combined as well as Overall Champion.

This season he will be racing World and Europa Cup races in the speed events of Downhill, Super-G and Super-combined.

He aims to compete at the Sochi 2014 Olympic games and beyond in 2018.

Dougie’s Story

I started skiing aged just two with my parents. Most of the skiing I did was on family holidays but spent more and more time on the dry ski slope at Bearsden Ski Club as I grew up.

cropped-old-trophyI joined the race section and loved it. Being the youngest of a good group of kids I improved quickly and got my first win at the Bearsden bairns aged 8. It wasn’t until I was 11 that I did my first race on snow. We were invloved in the “snow training” at Bearsden but with very little snow in Scotland we spent more time on the dry slope or playing games.

A year later my brother and I  joined a second ski club, Gordon Skiers, based at the Lecht and every weekend through the winter would go up and stay at my gran’s house near Aberdeen and train and race on the snow. I started to do well in the races and persuaded my dad that I needed to go out to The British Childrens Champs in Austria. I made the podium in the slalom and won my way onto the British Childrens team.

The next few years I made steady progress, winning the British Childrens and having some great trips with the Childrens team.

Dougie with team mate Jan Kochalski and ex world cup racer Graham Bell

In 2002 I moved into the FIS rankings and the Scottish part time team. I was in 5th year at school at the time and made a deal with my parents that if I worked hard at school and got good exam results then he would let me ski full time the next year. I got 4 A’s and a B in my highers, so left school.

I skied for 2 years on the home nations development team, with

a foreign coach for the first time and made massive steps forward, winning the British Juniors slalom, GS and downhill. In summer training I had a bad accident skiing speed and ruptured my spleen.

It didnt put me off and I came back the next year to make the British Ski Team.

My first year on the team I made huge steps in my workd ranking, halfing my ranking in slalom and GS and cutting my super-g points by 100 points! This moved me into the top 10 for my year of birth in the world! I also won the British Juniors and Scottish Senior champs- my first FIS race wins!

Dougie after winning the mens Super-G title- his first senior title

The following season I continued to make good progress up the rankings in all disciplines including finding some form in Downhill. I skied to the podium in the Austrian junior champs in Super-g before winning my first senior title at the British Championships again in the super-g. I went on to win the Overall Senior title at the British- the first time some one has done this while still a junior!

The 2008 season I moved up to the Europa cup tour, competing in the speed events. It was a big jump and a steep learning curve for me. I still made some positive moves up the rankings especially in the speed events as I spent more and more time focussing on them.

The 2009 season was a really big season for me as I made my world cup debut in Wengen, achieving a very respectable 39th place and seeing the very top level of ski racing up close and personal. It really showed me where I want to be and motivated me to keep working hard to be there on the big stage.

Shortly after Wengen I competed in my first major championships, in Val D’isere, France- a real baptism of fire as we raced down “The Face.” I skied really well in the very tough conditions achieving a 28th place in the Super-G and 21st place inthe downhill.

The British Champs were incredibly frustrating however, missing out on the downhill title by 0.02 seconds, the super-g by 0.15 and the overall by only a few points. I got one title however, in the super-combi.