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After a lot of preparation and anticipation my first training camp working with the American team arrived. A 3 week trip to Chile, two weeks in La Parva and one in Portillo.

As soon as we arrived in La Parva we could see that there was a serious shortage of snow! Where we skied down to the appartments last year was just rocks and mud, there wasn’t a complete piste in sight. ‘Up top it’s great’ they assured us…I didn’t believe them. But they were right! However, we were told that our camp would only be two weeks long as Portillo didn’t have enough snow to stay open.

We were going to have to pack in as much as we could in the little time we had! We started with a few days of super-g gates on the flatter pistes. It was perfect, just what I needed to get back into skiing fast. We quickly moved over to downhill and got some awesome full length, intense training. It felt so good to be skiing fast again!

We crammed in so much skiing in the two weeks, getting a lot of runs getting used to the new regulation skis and I’m feeling really good on my skis. Things are working really well with the American team, the coaches are really helpful, the athletes are really nice and we have a great competitive group pushing each other.

I feel like I’m making good progress! I can’t wait for the next training block in Colorado!

We trained down there last year! Not this year! Downloading on the chair with 4 pairs of skis got pretty tiring!

Sunrise over Santiago

Ready for downhill inspection. Fresh snow!

Another evening in La Parva, another perfect sunset!

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