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Happy Christmas not so Happy New Year

Christmas at home was great, we celebrated it on the 24th with the family before my brother flew back out to Switzerland and I flew to London on the 25th. I then celebrated it with Chemmy’s family on the 25th. Two Christmases! Happy days!

We flew back out to Austria on the 28th for some training before the race season kicked off again. We had a couple of great days skiing GS at Hinterreit with good conditions and I was making some good technical improvements.

Then it happened. On New Year’s eve, I came into a turn and dropped into the rut and was spat out, I slid into the slalom course next door and slid into one of the gates. My ski hit the unmoving base of the gate and flexed my ankle brutally. Ouch. I got up and skied off to the side, scooping snow out my goggles and helmet. My leg wasn’t feeling good.

I skied down slowly and went inside to take my boot off. When the pain was only getting worse throughout the afternoon we went to the hospital in Zell am See. It wasn’t the most friendly service but it certainly was fast! Within half an hour I had been X-rayed, examined (very briefly), put in plaster and sent home. I was told I had ruptured the ligaments in my ankle so I would be in plaster for 6 weeks then in a walking plaster for another 4. I was gutted.

How I spent New Years

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