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Ah Pitztal! Every October we go to Pitztal it seems and it is always tough! No change this year!

First day we had GS and it was baking hot, meaning the snow had melted a lot, then frozen solid and it was seriously bumpy! It was totally different conditions to what we had in Chile and it gave me a shock as I rattled my way down the first day! It was one of those days when its probably advisable not to watch video!

So imagine my confidence when told that TJ and I would be skiing super-g the following day with the Austrian world cup team…

Our head coach Mike assured us it was probably the best speed training in the world! A big call! But it turned out to be great! I started to ski more like I can and find my guts and go for it down the steep icy hill.

We managed to get four days of good but difficult training in the first week before the weather came in and dumped snow. It started pouring rain down in the valley and hammering the hill with much needed snow.

With conditions awful on the hill I decided to go to the head factory and get some new boots made. What a place! It really is impressive with countless technicians working away on the skis and a ridiculous number of race skis!

The second week of the camp was very different conditions, the resort had gone from one piste being open to the whole lot in a matter of days. It had gone from summer to winter in 4 days!

We skied a lot of GS in soft bumpy conditions and finished off with a day of slalom! My first in a while! It was a lot of fun and much neater and faster than I expected!

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