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Chile weeks 3 and 4

The last few weeks of Chile were awesome, we had speed training nearly every day with some of the best skiers in the world and we were competitive with them in training! I was so pumped having been out for a year that I was able to get close to and beat the guys from the top alpine nations.

The last week we were there we had 3 races, two downhills and a super-g. I hadn’t planned to do the races as I didn’t expect to be in good enough form but in the end I decided I would. I’m glad I did as I made a FIS point result in my first race back in 18 months improving my world ranking! The second race was a big disappointment as the condition didn’t really allow a fair race with the first few guys down the course winning by a long way. The super-g race was a long frustrating day as there were course holds almost every racer. When I eventually got my shot I blew it! I made 3 silly mistakes and finished down the field despite skiing some great sections.

Overall the camp and the races were really positive as I feel my skiing is going in the right direction and the race results were reasonable and could have been so much better if I can cut out key mistakes.

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