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Commentary, Crisis and Christmas

With me being out injured, I was offered a job commentating on the Womens’ World Cup races in Lake Louise. Very exciting as it kept me involved with the skiing while I was unable to race myself. I headed to Eurosport headquarters. As soon as I landed I turned on my phone, I had 12 new messages. I looked quickly through them. Chemmy had crashed in the training run, badly. She had smashed her leg apart, with the tibia breaking through the skin and shattering, the fibula breaking in two places and the ankle also breaking. That night I spoke to her on the phone, with her in agony and hugely upset, not sure how bad things were and panicking her career could be over.

The next day I had to commentate on the race she was due to be competing in. It made things pretty difficult for me but I still somehow thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was a real buzz as I first went on air praying to get my words out clearly. Things went pretty well with the race all going smoothly and me not getting too many calls wrong! I got quite a bit of good, positive feedback, until my dad texted with a list (constructive and appreciated) criticisms. The next few days my confidence grew and things went really well with the commentary, and even better Chemmy was released from the hospital and flew to London where I stayed with her, becoming a full time nurse, chauffeur, chef and athlete. Busy, busy!

With things improving with my hip I flew home for some more physio and to go skiing in Scotland for the first time in years! I then headed back down south for a few days before Christmas. With the snow causing chaos with travel I was very lucky to make it down on the overnight train. Our Canadian friends, who were coming to stay at Chemmy’s, MP and Mitch weren’t so lucky with both of  them being on different flights which were turned back mid air, and having to spend a night in Geneva airport. They made it eventually though and we had a great few days, going to Winter Wonderland, Thriller theatre show (thanks Adam!), ice skating at Hampton Court palace and afternoon tea. We then had Christmas on the 24th (as Canadian girls had to fly back out to Europe for more races, and as Chemmy had been planning to). It was a really fun day, with fun presents and great food with Chemmy’s family. I then got a night bus home to have Christmas day with my family! Two Christmases!

Afternoon Tea with the girls, Chemmy, Marie Michelle and Marie Pier.

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