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Injury woes

What a hectic few months it has been! A small niggling injury took a long time to diagnose, with visits to 2 physios, 2 doctors and 2 surgeons ending with an operation in Manchester. My hip trouble turned out to be ‘Gilmore’s Groin’, a type of hernia, meaning that I had to go under the knife in early November. With a problem on just one side, the surgeon decided to fix both sides to prevent having the same problem a year down the line.

Surgery went well and within a few days I was back walking and back on the bike and cross-trainer within 10 days! It was a bit of trial and error, with some days pushing a bit hard and regretting it afterwards until I found my limits and built up the training.

I then started a solid physio programme with the Scottish Institute of Sport physios, which was great! I spent a lot of time working on my low level core and making sure my muscles were all firing correctly. It was amazing how much of a difference there was between my right (injured side) and left side’s abilities to control and fire properly. Every cloud has a silver lining and I think that for me having the chance to go back to the low level training and make sure things are working properly and evenly was the silver lining.

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