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2nd Fitness testing

A few days after getting home from Saas Fee we had fitness testing, again at the Scottish Institute headquarters in Stirling. Having had a good block of fitness expectations were high for some good improvements, though we were all feeling pretty worn out after a tough ski camp.

It was the same testing procedure as the time before with physio analysis, a bike test, overhead squat, back squat, and a new jump test. The new jump test is horrible! Involving us jumping as high as possible as many times as possible to see how much lactic acid our bodies can produce and how we handle that.

Results were good!
I had put on 3kg of body weight but lost fat.
I improved my overhead squat by 15kg to 105kg
My back squat improved 10kg
My bike test improved almost 10%

All in all I was pretty pleased and now with another few weeks to make some more big steps its time to get back in the gym!

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