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Fitness training block

After the fitness testing we had a 5 week block of fitness training. With an individual programme written by the Scottish Institute of Sport it was a good chance to make some gains in both strength and endurance and a chance for me to put on some bulk.

The training schedule is based around 3 big weights sessions per week- each one over 2 and a half hours long. We then have an endurance session normally 6 days a week of varying intensities to work the different cardio systems.

The weights sessions are based around leg exercises, particularly squats, overhead squats and deadlifts but really work our whole body. After these sessions I make sure I get good protein and carbohydrates into my body by having a maximuscle progain and cyclone shake. I then get home and get some good food in me and try to get some rest before the second session of the day.

The endurance sessions I generally do either on the bike or the cross-trainer depending on the session (and the weather!)

So far I have managed to put on around 4 kg since the end of the season in lean body mass and have made some good strength gains. We now have 2 ski camps in close succession, followed by fitness tests and another training block.

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