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Fitness Testing

A few days after we got back from Kaunertal we had fitness testing at the Scottish Institute of Sport headquarters in Stirling. We have a range of tests to cover the various areas of fitness that we need to have. While we have fitness targets we are looking to meet, the tests are more to see what level we are at in different areas, identifying strengths and weaknesses allowing us to have more individual programmes.

We started the day with a blood test, meaning we weren’t allowed breakfast until after our bloods were taken. Here they look for mineral deficiencies, cholesterol levels and any irregularities.

After some breakfast we have anthropometry, checking our body fat percentages, weight etc. We then have our bodies analysed by one of the physio’s to see any weaknesses, allowing us to work on them before they become major problems.

Overhead Squat

And then the real fun starts! We have a bike test on a static bike, with the watts increasing at a steady rate until our lactic acid levels are too high and we are stopped. This shows what our different endurance levels are like at different intensities, so what parts we need to work on more.

After the bike we have strength testing, with maximum height jumps on a force plate, one rep maximum overhead squat and muscle lab and one rep max back squats. These are designed again to show our power and strength at different weights and should hopefully show a progression throughout the summer.

Now it’s just a case of working hard to make sure the numbers from the next test results are bigger!

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