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What a disaster! All my hopes and expectations for 2010 have been completely shattered.

I have not been selected for the British Olympic Team to go to Vancouver.

This was my main goal for 2010 (and the last few years) and it is not going to happen. I find it hard to describe how disappointed I am- not only for myself but for all those who have supported me for so long, especially my family, many of whom are heading out to Canada in hope of cheering me on.

I’m trying to not get too bogged down in the disappointment but its really tough as my team mates pack up and prepare for the biggest competition of them all. It’s also tough looking to the next month with such uncertainty as I don’t know if I will have a coach as the financial situation at Snowsport GB seems darker than ever.

Last season I was assured that some of my results would qualify me for the Olympics and that I should not go “points chasing” at the end of the season- get some rest then be really ready for next season, and then this year we decided I should do the World Cups instead of North American Cups where I could more easily improve my rankings. The world Cup has been a great experience but sadly the advice was wrong and the BOA have not accepted these results.
Ignoring these results how close was I?

I could qualify in 4 ways.
Firstly by making a top 30 result at the World Cup.
I have very limited experience and my best result is 38th
In Beaver Creek combi I was over a second inside the top 30 at the last split in the slalom when I blew out.
Secondly by being in the top 20 at the World Championships.
I was 21st in the downhill on one of the toughest courses on the circuit!!
Thirdly by being in the world top 100 in any discipline.
I was ranked 102 in Super Combi,. 107 in Super G, and 117 in Downhill. In fact I was less than one FIS point away from ranking 99 in SuperG.
Finally I needed to be in the top 20 of any European Cup.
In the two weeks before qualifying closed alone I have been within less than 1/3rd of a second of this qualifying standard three times.

SO CLOSE but not there.

I am so disappointed in myself and frustrated by how close I have come especially with the amount of on snow training I missed this summer due to the financial situation at Snowsport GB. Its so frustrating to see all our performances suffer due to the mis-management of money and programmes by the organisation which was set up to support us. I really feel that if this had not been an issue then I would have made the tiny gains I needed to Qualify for Vancouver.
I keep telling myself that my main goal is to be a medal prospect in Sotchi, in 2014 and that Vancouver was “for the experience” but I really never thought that I would not be there. It is so disappointing.

What next?

Firstly I need to concentrate on my performance.
In terms of major championships we have the World Championships in Garmisch and Schladming in 2011 and 2013 and then of course Sochi in 2014. But first I have to keep making the positive steps I have been making, keep improving my rankings and start making an impact on the World Cup.

I also need to ensure that I have enough funding to ensure that I can continue to develop as a serious player on the world cup circuit. It remains to be seen what will become of the team in the coming seasons.

It’s going to be hard over the next few weeks but I know that if I had been a fraction quicker then I would have made my team place and I need to believe I’m good enough to be there.

My heartfelt thanks and apologies to all of you who have supported me over the past months and years. I appreciate your disappointment but let’s continue to believe.

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  1. Crawford Nimmo says

    Hi Dougie!!

    Don’t get too down about it all [I know that is easy for me to say].
    You will have another oppertunity in 4 years & fingers crossed all the p****ers at snowsport GB wil have their act in gear by then and you guys will get the backing you deserve.
    All the best for the rest of your season
    Crawford & Lynne [The Bella Crew]

  2. Tom Roberts says

    Hello Dougie,

    Tom Roberts here, (cut my ball open)

    Still check up on you every now and again. So sorry to hear about the olympics was really looking forward to seeing your wee catsuit go flying past! Keep it up though. Would love to see a Scottish skier born and bred at the olympics, from the lecht to the olympics!

    Hope all goes well and if you need a hand with funding in the future get in touch and we’ll get some of the old ski boys together and raise some money!

    Take Care Dougie,

  3. Ewen says

    Hi Dougie

    I can’t begin to explain how enraged i am in your exclusion from the GB Winter Olympic team. It really is a disgrace how our best male skier isn’t at Vancouver. The criteria to qualify really is a shambles, why not let common sense prevail and pick our best athletes like every other sport.
    But just like Crawford & Lynne said “Don’t get too down about it all”, instead i am sure it will spur you on to greater things. We, your supporters, are 110% behind you and will support you to the very end.
    You’ve had a great debut season in a very experienced & quality World cup field. Showing us all that you can mix it with the best.
    I am looking forward to seeing you back on the World cup circuit for the final two weeks and all the best for the rest of the season & many more to come.


  4. David Roger says

    Hi Dougie,
    I am sorry to hear that you will not be at the olympics this year. I can only begin to understand how dissapointed you must be. It must of came as a huge blow, especially after being told your times would of been good enough to get you in. Im sure this will only drive you to try, and train even harder to become even better. Take on one challenge at a time, and dont let the past affect the future in a negative way. We all still believe in you, and you must continue to believe in yourself. Now go kick everyones ass next year, you know you can do it!

  5. Phil Waterfield says

    As a lifelong skier and BSC supporter I was totally gutted to hear of your omission and that we wont watch you podium at Vancouver(PMA !!) While I can only guess how bad you and your family must feel right now lets ensure that in 4 years the one thing that wont stop you being an Olympian is finance and inept administration-Hope to be able to help in the future -have a great rest of the season

  6. Jean Turner says

    Hi Duggie,

    Jennifer and I are really disappointed and shocked to hear this news. I have just googled your name as I could not understand why you were not racing and assumed you had an injury during practice at Whistler. How awful for you and your family, we are very sorry. Jennifer still talks about you when you gave her ski lessons. DO NOT GIVE UP.

    Jean and Jennifer Turner
    Bearsden Ski Club

  7. Dan Smye says

    Hi Dougie,
    I understand how you feel! Emily Sarsfield has been let down by the (former) SSGB and the BOA. Without the athletes these organisations wouldn’t exist and they forget that sometimes! !

    SSGB changed the criteria for ski cross at the beginning of this season and they failed to inform Emily or the changes!! And then finally to put egg on face, Emily and Sarah Sauvey both meet the criteria for qualification, BOA were awarded 2 quota spots, but only took one spot and Emily missed out on the Olympics with racers ranked lower than her now in the Olympics! Absolute madness!!

    Bring on 2014 and hopefully some common sense from the BOA the new NGB!

    (Emily Sarsfield’s manager)

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