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We arrived in Chile at lunchtime (with no skis as they didn’t make it onto the flight) and headed to the hotel where some of the other team guys were, as they had also gone out on their own to try to make up for some of the missed days from not having a programme. We had the night in Santiago and waited for the coaches to arrive the next day. It was great to be back as a team and we headed up to La Parva, a small ski town a few hours up the road from the city.


The first day was pretty foggy and snowy but we managed to get some good GS training and some free skiing. The weather really hit that night though! The wind and the snow came closing the mountain the next day and with the snow falling as rain lower down the mountain caused a massive landslide on the road to Santiago, killing three people and closing the road for a few days. This also meant that the resort was cut off, with no one coming up there was very limited food meaning basic meals and having to go to the restaurant as our chef had no food to cook!


Once the worst of the storm passed we got out on the hill and skied out the powder which was great. With the snow being so new and soft we weren’t able to train gates but the free skiing was awesome!

Today we got some good super G and slalom training in. It was good to be back on the long speed skis again and good to be getting coaching again and I now feel like I’m progressing again.


We are supposed to have races this week but with the weather they have been pushed back a few days. They’re hoping to run the first men’s races on Thursday so we are getting in a few extra days training which is nice. With the French and Slovenian world cup teams being here and a really fun hill they should be really good races!

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