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Fitness continues…

I’m still at home, back in Bearsden. I’ve not been on skis for about 12 weeks now! Its the longest I’ve had off skis for a good few years! Can’t wait to get back on the snow!

Its been a long hard summer! I’ve been following a strict training programme, provided by The Sport Scotland Institute of Sport which is tailored depending on our fitness test results and the progress we are making throughout the summer.

A typical day consists of a weights session an endurance session and some flexibility and core work. In weights we concentrate mostly on Olympic lifts such as cleans and snatches to improve our speed and power followed by squats (front, back or overhead) and deadlifts to improve our leg strength  and some dips and pulls to keep our upper body strong for our starts. Then I do some abs exercises such as candlesticks or hanging windscreens to improve my core strength.

For endurance I spend a lot of time on the bike, either out on the road or on the stationary bike in the house. I also do a few sessions a week on the cross trainer normally at Esporta. These sessions vary in intensity from long easy rides to sessions of short sharp bursts and rests to work the different energy systems.

Overall I definitely feel fitter and stronger than I ever have before…just needing some time on snow to get the technique better! Hopefully soon!!

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