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Fitness Camp Stirling 2

Last week we had another fitness camp at the Scottish Institute facilities in Stirling. Having not seen most of the team since the last fitness camp it was good to catch up with them all again and really good to train with them having been training mostly on my own for the last few months. Again we did lots of weights and plyometric sessions as well as checking how much our training heart rates have changed through the block.

We also did two sessions of trampolining to try to learn new skills and improve our body and spacial awareness. They were great sessions, we progressed pretty quickly to front flips and back flips, and with the rest of the team standing at the side there was too much peer pressure to back out of anything scary! I think we all found ourselves outside our comfort zones at one point or another but to push on and atttempt all the tricks anyway gave a good adrenaline rush!

We also had some more lectures about nutrition and the affects of altitude on our bodies and training which were interesting and obviously very important information to have.

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