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Norway and Europa cup finalsNational Champs tour

With the Europa cup and world cup tour all finished, its point chasing time! First I went to the French Championships in Megeve. We arrived in Megeve and were staying at a friends hotel, trying to save money. Turned out the reason it was cheap was all 5 of us were crammed into one room…with all our bags left absolutely no floor space! First day was downhill training. It didnt go well! About 5 turns into the race I launched off a roll and landed hard on my back in the nets and knocked myself out! Luckily the rest of me was intact although I was pretty stiff!
The race the next day didnt go great as I was pretty nervous and i finished slower than I had hoped to. From here we went on to Lelex, a tiny resort just above Geneva for the super-g event. It was really windy so the race was delayed and delayed but eventually ran in the afternoon. Such a fun hill and good snow conditions, I finished 8th making decent FIS points too.

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